adj Greek, Grecian

Old to modern English dictionary. 2013.

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  • isc — adjective suffix modern ish, a suffix of adjectives, connoting the quality of the object denoted by the stem, e.g., ceorlisc churlish; cildisc childish; also connotes origin from a place or stock, e.g. Englisc, Grécisc, Iudéisc …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • Greek — {{11}}Greek (adj.) late 14c., from GREEK (Cf. Greek) (n.). Earlier Gregeis (c.1300), from O.Fr. Gregois; also Greekish (O.E. Grecisc). In venery, anal, by 1970. Greek gift is from Æneid, II.49: timeo Danaos et dona ferentes. {{12}}Greek (n.) O.E …   Etymology dictionary

  • greekish — ˈgrēkish adjective Usage: usually capitalized Etymology: Middle English grekissh, from Old English grēcisc, from Grēcas, plural, Greeks + isc ish more at greek 1. archaic : greek …   Useful english dictionary

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